Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank Goodness For Insurance

It has not been the greatest week around the Wolff household. They say 'when it rains, it pours', and they are right.

We started to notice a water stain on our kitchen ceiling and figured that we had a leek in our upstairs bathroom. My hubby decided to call the insurance company to be on the safe side and it turns out that the leek was from our roof! After they cut a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling........they repaired the roof and then we found out that the damage was much more extensive.

Hole In Ceiling In Kitchen

In order to fix everything they will be repairing the kitchen ceiling and re-painting it all, removing all the insulation in our attic and replacing it all, removing the bathroom vanity, toilet and floor, replacing the sub-floor in the bathroom, putting new linoleum down, replacing all the drywall on the wall and re-painting the bathroom.

As if that wasn't enough fun, we went downstairs last night and noticed this......

Leaking Water Heater

We made a quick call to Reliance this morning and someone will be out this afternoon to replace the hot water heater. All I have to say is...........thank goodness for insurance.



  1. least you'll have a fresh painted ceilling- I hate that job!

  2. I felt the same when a guy reversed into my car on Tuesday...thank goodness for insurance;-)

  3. Oh no what a mess girl! Glad to hear it is getting fixed up for ya!

  4. Yikes! Glad you noticed. That could have been so much worse!!

  5. Boo - crappy news indeed! Glad to hear it's going to be fixed up soon though!

  6. Good luck with all the fixing!! I had better to check on my policies!!