Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check This Out!

I definitely do not consider myself a 'techie' person. I can figure out basic stuff on my computer, but if it gets too tricky I usually end up getting my hubby involved.

Over the last year I have learned alot about blogging, uploading to gallery's, using Photobucket, and navigating forums. I was pretty impressed with myself......and then I found out about Google Reader!

A scrapbook friend of mine told me about this fabulous tool that is available for free! If you visit various blogs then this is the tool for you.

Until yesterday, I had all the 'favourite' places I visit bookmarked under 'my favourites'. Each time I wanted to visit them I would simply click and I would arrive at their blog. Sometimes there were new things to read, and sometimes there weren't. With Google Reader you can subscribe to your favourites. Yes, it is so easy to do. They are all listed nicely for viewing and when there is a new post, it tells you! You don't need to go to many different blogs and check, Google Reader does it for you.

The web address is

It is very simple to set up. I did a bunch of my favourites yesterday, and when I checked today I was able to visit all the blogs that had posts in about 1/2 the time. I love it!

If you need some help setting it up, there are tutorials available on utube. I really encourage you try it out. You will love it too.

A BIG HUG to my scrapbook friend that passed this along to me! Her blog was one of the first ones that I subscribed to......and there was a post waiting for me this morning.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Challenge Creations

I got behind on the challenges from yesterday, so when I came home for my dinner break today, I whipped up this card for Laura's Tuesday Sketch Challenge.

Here is the sketch that she posted. It is from the PageMaps site. I love it.

This is my take on it. Ya, I know mine is going the wrong way and it doesn't have the flourishes on it. That is the beauty of a sketch. It is a great starting point and once you start creating, it becomes your own.

I used papers from Bella Blvd. and Bo Bunny, more letters from Jillibean and flowers from my stash. I used foam adhesive to raise up the hearts and accented them with Stickles.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Creations for NSW!

We are in day #2 and I am having a blast. I didn't get as many of the challenges done as yesterday, but I am happy with my creation. I used a photo of my niece that my sister gave me at our Fall Retreat! It was perfect for this layout. She is so beautiful.

My challenge was to use a minimum of 12 circles! That does sound like alot. I used 34 circles, counting the brads, buttons and the letter 'o' x 2 in my title.

Each circle has buttons, brads or paper circles to add dimension. I stamped the border around the page using a border stitching stamp. The black lettering was done using a journaling template and a black glaze pen. I love the stickers from Jillibean Soup. These were leftover from a display we made up for the store. They matched perfectly. I traced around them with the glaze pen to make them pop!

I do plan on completing the remaining challenges by Sunday night. Stay tuned for more inspiration.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Creations for NSW

So today was the first day of challenges on the TSF forum. I was hoping to participate in a few....I did very well.

I posted a challenge to organize one area of your scrapbook area. I chose to sort out my little embellishments.

Here is my 'after' photo. Much better, eh?

It was very helpful doing my layout tonight. I dug into my little containers a couple of times.

The rules say that you can combine up to 3 challenges on one project/layout. I lucked out and was able to do Karan's, Laura's and Patti's challenges all on one layout. Yippee for me! Here are some detail shots. I stitched the title and used lots of foam adhesive for dimension.

I am very pleased with how my layout turned out. I used all the product in the product challenge kit for Karan's challenge, I used 'orange' for Laura's challenge and I used the '08 numbers for Patti's challenge.

National Scrapbook Week

So today is day #1 for our National Scrapbook Week challenges at Two Scrapbook Friends. I am so excited about this. I am really going to try my best to do some of these. There are some really greats ideas on the forum.

I posted a challenge to organize one thing in your scrapbook area. You have to post a 'before' photo and an 'after' photo. I have a bin with all sorts of little embellishments....things that are leftover after a layout. I can't find anything. My goal is to organize this, so that at least I know what I have. Here is my before photo.

Stay tuned to see my after photo.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This morning when I checked my blog, I had received an award from my best friend Joanne! I don't know why she would do such a thing......I don't post to my blog very often.....she is so sweet.

It came with the following description that accompanies the award: “These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more."

Hmmm, eight more bloggers? Let's about 7!
Hope you enjoy visiting their blogs!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Craft it Forward!

I read an interesting post on Karan's blog this morning and thought I would take up the challenge! The first three people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make! (but I'm sure you will!)
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It’ll be done this year.
4- You have no clue what it’s going to be.
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.
6- Y0u need to post whether its for a girl or a boy! (That way I can really make it personal.)

The catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who do the same on your blog. The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they have it up on their blog....will win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me!

Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it! Ok, so, who's in??

Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy Easter everyone! It was a strange one for us. Jason had a hockey tournament in St. Catherine's so we spent it in a hotel. As of Saturday night, we were out of the running for the trophy, so we were on the road home by noon on Sunday.

My sister had phoned on Saturday night, wondering what time we would be home and wanted to know if we wanted to come to her house for dinner on Sunday. Amanda and I joined them for a wonderful ham dinner (we were tired of restaurant food).

Before we went over to my sisters, I gave my kids their Easter treats......they are getting a little older now, but they still enjoy a few Easter goodies.

I found these cute Easter bags at Walmart and I filled them with some of their favourite candies. I also bought (I know, I should have made them) a cute card and put some money inside so they could do a little shopping.

I was glad that we were able to go over to my sisters and spend some time with my family, but I didn't have anything to contribute to dinner and all the stores were closed. I ran to my scrapbook room and whipped up a card for my mom and Tracy. I also had an extra Easter treat bag, so I filled it with treats for Payton. It was meant to be.

Here is Payton, posing for a photo with her Easter basket. She is growing up so fast.

It was a wonderful weekend. I was thankful that we were all together. We spent lots of time at the rink (I love watching Jason play hockey), we enjoyed some great company with our hockey friends, I spent lots of time with my hubby and my kids, I was able to join my sisters and parents for an Easter dinner, and I even did a little cardmaking in between. It doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hockey Tournament

Well, we didn't come home with the trophy, but I did get lots of great hockey photos. We sat in seats right along the boards for every game, so Jay was nice and close. This is one of my favourites.

He is such a great goalie. I know, every parent says that about their 'super star' hockey player, but I think he is different. He is a very sportsman like player. He is very well liked by all his teammates. Although he is almost 15 years old he still looks for me in the stands and gives me a nod at every game. He takes the game very seriously, but manages to enjoy it at the same time. It is a very stressful position to play, and he handles it very well. What happens on the ice, stays on the ice. He comes out of the dressing room with a smile on his face after every game.

I am so proud of him. He doesn't always bring home the winning trophy, but he is #1 in my mind.

After all......isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter at a Hockey Tournament!

This is a first for us. Jason has his last hockey tournament for the season this weekend in St. Catherine's. We leave bright and early on Friday morning. He plays 2 games on Friday and another 2 games on Saturday. Depending on where we finish, there are more games on Sunday.

I usually host Easter for my family. It will be very strange to spend it in a hotel. As a scrapbooker, I am also sad to miss the photos that go along with Easter.....colouring eggs, chocolate bunnies.

My kids are getting a little older now, so I don't think they will really miss the eggs and the hunt, but I think I will still have a little something for them on Sunday morning. I am open to any suggestions on what I can do to make their Easter special.

Wish us luck. Jason has had a great season. It would be great if he was to come home with a championship trophy!