Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrabble Anyone?

A couple of nights ago my kids decided we should play some games. This is not something that we do often, so our game selection is not the greatest. We played a couple or rounds of UNO and then they decided to play Junior Scrabble. This is a game that they have out grown, but it was still a hoot!

With this game, the words are already made up for you. You can play 2 letters at a time and if you complete a word then you get a piece of 'pie'. The person with the most pie wins.

While waiting for others to play their turn, Jake and Jason would try to see what words they could spell with the letters they had. Here is what they came up with...

Amanda and I found this very amusing and they suggested I should take some photos of the creative words and phases they were making. I am sure none of them were in the dictionary, but we did have a few laughs!


  1. sure 'Ikea' is a's swedish for common sense LOL

    I love scrabble. Can't wait til my boys are old enough to play.