Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hit on Kitchener Ranger, Ben Fanelli!

Here is a photo of the team praying.....on the ice.....while their teammate was being attended to by the medics. I have never seen anything like this before.

This is the video of the hit. It is a nasty one, so you might not want to view it.


  1. Wow - a hit from behind like that, Fanelli didn't have a chance. I hope it doesn't end his career and that the league suspends the opponent for a LONG time. And wow, what a seen that all those players around Fanelli, praying for him.

  2. My husband and daughter were at the game too and were shocked by the outcome of that hit. We hopeand Its very touching the way the team responded.

  3. Hi Carolyn

    Saw it too. It was right in front of our seats. Just terrifying. Thank goodness the people in front of us stood up so the kids couldn't see what was happening. His poor mom was a wreck at seeing him on the ice. Our prayer go out to him and his family

    Chris S

  4. It was awful to watch. The huddle was not actually around the player, but it was really touching. I hope I never have to see anything like that again.

  5. When you watch the play unfold the incident began with him circling around at centre ice then he made a bee line straight to Fanelli picking up speed at each stride he made from centre ice so that by the time Fanelli was hit this big kid was a torpedo in motion. He hit Fanelli at full force with his shoulder leading the way and his strick was also raised above his head so it wouldn't be in the way of his full body weight and tremendous force.
    In my opinion this was a deliberate intent to injure and he should be barred for life!