Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Project..........

My friend Regan has been doing lots of sewing and quilting and I have been drooling over all the projects she has done. I used to sew quite a bit when my kids were small, but I haven't done much in a very long time. She invited me to take a class with her at a store she discovered in Guelph. Deanna joined us as well. When I saw the project, I just knew it would be the perfect gift for Joanne's birthday.

I was scheduled to work that Saturday but I had Amanda cover for me at the store so I could go. All I had to do was keep the secret from Joanne (not an easy thing for me to do).

I presented the gift to her on Wednesday. Her birthday is not until next week, but I will be away on holidays and Wednesday was the only day we would see each other before I leave. I was so excited for her to open it! I was also super nervous......I had to choose the fabric which was very stressful. She is really easy to please but I wanted her to love it!

Here it is........oh ya, another thing I stressed over, was how long to make the straps. These are big decisions to make for someone else!

Here is a close up of the front of the purse.

Here is the is actually reversible. I learned how to line it and create pockets.

Here is a close up of my 'very straight' stitching........impressive eh?

And this is the loop I learned how to make, along with the special button I picked out. I knew that Joanne would like it for sure! I fastened it to the purse with floss, just like we do on our scrapbook pages.

Considering Joanne has already done a post on her blog about the purse, I think she liked it. I plan on making a few more of these in the near future. It was and amazing day spent with Regan and Deanna. I was wishing that Joanne could have joined us, but then it wouldn't have been a surprise, now would it.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend. Hopefully there will be many more birthday's celebrated, many more laughs shared, and lots more memories made!



  1. Beautiful present Carolyn! It turned out amazing!!!

  2. aaah..its perfect- always happy to enable you.....

  3. It was an amazing day and Jo will just have to come next time!

  4. Its beautiful Carolyn! Are you taking orders?

  5. Thank you again my friend! It was a wonderful gift that I totally love!