Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Ready........

for the cottage. That means laundry, grocery shopping, packing............yuck! I hate all those things. I had to take Matt to the mall today because he needed a new pair of shoes and another bathing suit.....we live in bathing suits at the cottage, you can't be running out!

Amanda decided that she needed a new pair of sandals, and while she was looking, I spotted something that I liked.

I tried them on and they were just perfect. I love them! I treated myself to these so that I could get through all the nasty chores that I have to do this week. That makes sense, right?



  1. Hey - it works for me!

    Cute shoes:)

  2. Makes total sense to me. I love how we women are able to justify any purchase. Don't think there's one that I haven't been able to justify! Have a fantastic time at the cottage.

  3. Such a great concept! Think I may need to try that! LOL! Love the shoes!

  4. there isn't much that a new pair of shoes can't help you get through! and these are cute ones!