Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home From Holidays......

It has been about 2 weeks since my last post. It has been that long since I have scrapbooked too. I have always taken stuff with me in the past, but this time I took a complete break from it. I sure hope I remember where I left off.

So much has happened over the past 2 weeks, I actually have to go back through the photos to help me remember everything.

We rented a cottage on Stoney Lake (near Peterborough) and we had 3 extra teenagers along with us. We had a wonderful time. Everyone really enjoyed the cottage, the boating and all the other amazing things we explored.

We were thrilled with the cottage and the location. We found this cottage online, and you never know what you may get, but we were very impressed. It was worth every penny. It was cozy, but roomy. It was tucked back from the water with lots of little paths to get around the property. It had a beautiful waterfront with a dock that was large enough to tie up our boat and all 6 kids could fish at the same time.

It didn't take us long to unpack and settle in. My hubby found the hammock that was located right down by the water and quickly claimed it as his 'spot'. We often found him here snoozing or listening to his music.

All the kids were anxious to explore their surroundings. Amanda did not like the weeds so she stayed on the floating raft. Poor Jake pushed her around all over the place. Matt was busy trying to catch anything that would fit into his net and Jason and David explored things from the canoe. These activities continued on almost the entire time we were at the cottage.

Even Maya had fun exploring her new home. She did really well. I think she was really relaxed and the holiday did her paws some good too. She slept all day while we were out and then she got lots of cuddles when we returned.

Amanda was up early one morning and took some really great photos of a family of geese that would visit the dock everyday. She got a little carried away and we have about 40 pictures to choose from, so if you ever need a great photo of a family of geese, I can set you up!

Everyday, after a big breakfast, the kids would make their way down to the lake for their morning 'dip n lather'. This was quite entertaining to watch and I couldn't resist taking photos.

The owner of the cottage preferred that we use the outdoor shower and the kids preferred the lake. I on the other hand, chose the shower option. I was very apprehensive, but it turned out that I really enjoyed it. The water was always hot, and one day I even showered in the rain. I actually think that I would enjoy camping if every site came with its own private outdoor shower. Don't get me wrong.......I much prefer my own shower and bathroom at home.

We spent a lot of time on the boat. The kids tubed and wake-boarded. We cruised around and checked out all the cottages. It was also a treat to get in the boat after dinner and go to the marina for ice cream. This is a shot of all the kids in the front of the boat. The sun was just going down and we were headed in for the night.

Something new for us on the boat was going through the locks. We were right on the Trent so we took advantage of this and tried it out. Growing up, I lived in a small town north of Peterborough, and these are some images of the Buckhorn locks. It was fun to revisit my old home.

This is another group shot that we took of the kids. They were so much fun to hang out with. They made us laugh all the time. There were times when Amanda and I felt out numbered with 6 boys, but it sure kept things interesting.

I didn't do any wake-boarding this trip, but I did get out on the tube. Amanda and I had a blast.

The week went very fast, and we are already looking forward to returning next year. The days were filled with fun from sun up to sun down. I recommend this to anyone.


  1. I am glad you could get away for a 'time out'. Great pictures of the kids and love the one of you and Monty on the hammock!

  2. P.S. so how much food did you come home with after all?? LOL

  3. Sounds like you had a great week- well deserved!

  4. wow, looks like you guys had a good time. Glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

  5. I am happy you guys had a great time! It is sure nice to see! I would love to rent a cottage one time looks like a blast!! Great pictures too!