Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday To My BFF!

July has been a whirlwind......who am I kidding, my whole life is like that. Anyways, my BFF's birthday is in July and I was on holidays and then off to CHA. Even though we spent lots of time together while we were at the trade show, I still wanted to do something special.

Both of us love scrapbooking and that would be the obvious thing to get her, but we have everything. I thought it would be fun to combine scrapbooking with her gift and this is what I came up with.

I was in Chapters and they had these really cute stationary sets. She loves to make notes and even more, she loves cute things. I picked up a note pad, 3 pocket size journals, sticky notes and a matching pen. I altered all the items (this is the scrapbooking part) with a splash of pink (her favourite colour) and the suited her perfectly.

I just bought a new stamp set and I was able to try it out.

While I was at Chapters I thought I would pick up a new book for her to read. This is another hobby that she has (an interest we do not share). I didn`t even know where to start, so I decided to get her a gift card instead (this will give her the opportunity to do another thing she I made a gift card holder that matched the other altered items that I made.

On the way out, I spotted this extra cute pink bag. It was perfect to hold all the items and could double as a book bag! I filled the tote up with all the goodies and stuffed it with pink and white tissue. It was a perfect gift for the perfect friend.


  1. Aaawww! Thank you friend for the perfect birthday gift! I love all of it - especially the pink theme!

  2. ok
    so like you were away for my birthday also..where the loot for me?

  3. awh that is too sure she will love it...

    did i mention when my birthday!!!

  4. Oh what a thoughtful gift Carolyn!
    I'm sure Jo will love it!!

    p.s. you have another friend with a birthday coming up you know! *wink* :)

  5. OOOH I see bitty buttons here...You go girl...this is fab!!

  6. You are such a good friend...what a thoughtful gift!

  7. that is a thoughtful gift... I love that you altered the stationary set!