Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Book I Found

I am an avid reader.......I read every day. No matter how busy my life gets, I end my day reading. This was not always the case. I thank my friends for making me curious enough to make this one of the best parts of my day.

Stacked Books!

I recently read a review on a new book called The Lifeboat. It sounds quite intriguing so I thought I would share it on my blog.

The Lifeboat

Grace Winter, 22, is both a newlywed and a widow. She is also on trial for her life.

In the summer of 1914, the elegant ocean liner carrying her and her husband Henry across the Atlantic suffers a mysterious explosion. Setting aside his own safety, Henry secures Grace a place in a lifeboat, which the survivors quickly realize is over capacity. For any to live, some must die.

As the castaways battle the elements, and each other, Grace recollects the unorthodox way she and Henry met, and the new life of privilege she thought she'd found. Will she pay any price to keep it?

The Lifeboat is a page-turning novel of hard choices and survival, narrated by a woman as unforgettable and complex as the events she describes.

Doesn't that sound awesome. Let me know what you think :)



  1. It sounds. ... well ... I just want to run to the store and buy it (no I don't use my Playbook to read book, yet). Hopefully the rest of the book is as good as the synopsis. Let us know when you start reading it, how you find it.

  2. Intriguing...will have to go and see if I can find it while still on vacation.