Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

In February both Amanda and Jason had their wisdom teeth removed on the same day. Many friends told me I was nuts but I wanted it all over in one shot. It actually went really well. The first couple of days really kept me running, but after that is was fine. Both of them recovered very well.

Jason had seen some videos on You Tube and really wanted me to take a video of him after he had his teeth removed. He is a pretty laid back kid with a funny sense of humour. I said that I would try, but no guarantees.

Once I realized that his surgery went well and he was doing okay, I went ahead and recorded a short video. If you know my son at all, this will be extra funny (btw, he uploaded this to You Tube and named the video, not me)

I also have a video of Amanda after her surgery but I am not allowed to post it. Hope you had a good laugh. We watch it over and over and it makes us laugh every time. Love you bud!



  1. omg..i almost peed...thats good stuff right there!!

  2. I'm so glad to see this! I told my husband about it after you showed me that day. I'm going to show it to him!

  3. Hilarious! You should send it to Ellen!


  4. This is just too funny!
    Joanne xo