Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He is a Champion!

I spent last weekend doing one of my favourite things.......watching my son play hockey. It was championship weekend and that means lots of time at the rink.

Being a 'hockey mom' is hard on your heart. When he is on the ice my heart grows in size and it also skips beats. I am so proud of him and also feel every emotion he feels......excitement, panic, satisfaction, disappointment. I do all this as I quietly sit and watch him play.

He leaves for every game with his dad (and coach) and as he walks out the front door he yells back 'see you at the rink mom'! I show up a few minutes before game time so I can watch him warm up. Part of his routine is to scan the stands and find me sitting in my spot. He doesn't wave anymore (he used to when he was younger) but I know that he knows that I am there.

The final game of the season was played on Sunday evening. It was the last time until the fall that I would sit in the stands and quietly cheer him on. It was a close, competitive game. In the end, the victory was his and they won the championship.

I made my way out on the ice (the only parent that did) and made sure that I took some photos to remember the 2010/2011 year.

Here is Jay (in the middle) with one of his defense men and a winger. Jay has played on the same team as #5 for the past 6 years.

Here he is showing off his trophy.

Without me even asking, the entire team gets into formation for a group photo.

I have taken this photo every year that my hubby has coached his team. Last years photo they were the same height!

Another trophy will find its way to the shelf in his room and a medal for 'most dedicated player' will be added to the collection too.

After every game, Jason rides home with me. I tell him how great he played and he always responds the same.....'thanks mom'. I hope he remembers these moments for many years....I know that I will. It was another great season and we are both looking forward to 2011/2012.



  1. As an Athletic trainer to a Jr. Hockey club and a hockey Mom I totally understand your LOVE of the game and your player! God Bless you as the parent of a Goalie! Congrats to your sons team. I totally enjoyed you post today!

  2. Congratulations to Jason and to his Mom for being the Mom that you are.

  3. Thanks for sharing , what fantastic memories for the years to come.

  4. You are the kewlest mom and I smell a hockey layout!

  5. It was the last time until the fall that I would sit in the stands and"quietly cheer him on."

    Quietly!!! crack me up..must be April first :)

    the roady

  6. That is so cool! Sounds like you have such a great realtionship with your son!

  7. Congrats to Jason! Such nice memories for all of you!
    Joanne xo

  8. Made me cry Carolyn! Congrats on being a great Mom.