Monday, August 23, 2010

Where Has The Summer Gone???

I can't believe that we are starting the last week in August! My kids are already thinking of 'back to school' and I am thinking 'where did the time go'?

I know my blog has suffered this summer. I just couldn't fit it in with all the other things that have been going on. Lately our store has been taking up a bunch of my time. Shipments from CHA are rolling in and that requires unpacking, inventory, re-organizing etc. I am not complaining, I love getting new product for the store, but it does take a bunch of my time.

Then there are my 3 (oh, sorry 4) wonderful children........

Amanda has been taking a cake decorating course (actually courses) over the summer and that has meant many trips to the store to buy the necessary tools and groceries. She is having a blast learning all sorts of new things. Here are a few photos of some of her creations.

Cupcakes seem to be her favourite thing to do right now. One night, we had 75 cupcakes covering our kitchen island. They were all decorated beautifully, but how were we supposed to eat that many???? We farmed a few dozen out to the neighbours, and the boys and their friends were enjoying them as well. Needless to say, they all disappeared.

Jay has been working about 25 hours a week at the Galaxy. He keeps himself up to date seeing all the current movies with the movie passes he earns. He has still found lots of time to do other things too. David (the 4th child) and Jay have perfected their wake boarding skills along with learning how to knee board. They also manage to get in some 'extreme tubing' each time we head out on the boat. I am the official spotter and photographer, so this means many trips out on the boat myself.

Jay and David successfully acquired their G1's and have been driving all over the city. I have chauffeurs everywhere I go.

Matt has also been busy with his huge social network. He has a very wide circle of friends and he spends time with all of them. He has also been the neighbourhood lawn mower. When our neighbours are away on holidays they ask Matt to keep the lawns mowed and trimmed. He also mows our lawn and Monty's parents too. This definitely keeps him busy! He recently purchased a new TV for his room (along with a little help from us as a graduation present). He will be starting grade 9 in a couple of weeks. I know he is a bit nervous, but excited too.

Matt is a bit camera shy right now. Unless I am really sneaky......this is generally what I get. They aren't going to make for very interesting scrapbook layouts, but I will work with what I have.

Monty has been puttering away on the boat. There always seems to be something that needs adjusting, cleaning, tweaking........! If he is not there, you will find him visiting with a neighbour on our street or floating in the pool in the backyard.

We spend summer nights sitting on our front patio or in our backyard. This is where we stay connected and share what has been going on in our separate lives. I am so thankful that I have him in my life. We just celebrated (well it wasn't much of a celebration) our 21st anniversary.



  1. are forgiven for being such a bad blogger...great photos and GO AMANDA!!! do I see a cricut cake in her future?????

  2. Sounds like just the perfect summer!

  3. looks like you've had a busy summer! was nice to see you on Saturday, we will see you on the 11th, can't wait!!!

  4. Wow they look amazing... good enough to eat!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary, and great photos. Nice boat (now that I see it all together).

  6. looks like a perfect summer to me! happy anniversary!