Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finished Another Book!

I just finished my second book. I started reading this one last Tuesday night and I finished it early last night. That is less than one week. On Sunday night I was still reading at 2am.......what is wrong with me?

My scrapbooking has been suffering badly! My youngest son, Matt, keeps calling me a nerd. I am resisting starting another book for a week or so. I need to get caught up on some stuff.

My movie girls and I are wanting to see Eat, Love, Pray and we decided that we would all read the book first. I guess that will be my next one. I need to make a trip to Chapters to purchase it...........that could be dangerous. I used to go in there and buy nothing, but now???



  1. With your kind of energy how can you sit long enough to read???? :):)

  2. I have just now figured out how to use a blog, look out.... :)

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for the laugh!! I heard the german "shit" swear word a few times as the people fell into the waterbed.
    Having a dry afternoon at home. Feeling a bit guilty that I'd rather be scrapbooking than sitting out by the pool.