Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pretty vs Practical!

Tonight I was trying to I scrapbook or do I read? Did you ever think you would hear that from me? Trust me, I didn't either. Anyways.......I ended up surfing the internet, visiting some of my favourite blogs. I came across this beautiful work area that I would just love to have in my has all those great cubbies for all my scrapbook goodies!

.............and then I start to think do you turn this...................

...............into something pretty? I don't know about you guys, but when I start scrapbooking my desk looks like this in a matter of minutes. Everything I own ends up spread out all over and I end up with a 12x12 inch space to work. Then when I am done, I just get up and walk away. When I return to work on the next project, I quickly tidy up (only putting 1/2 the stuff away because I am wasting all my valuable scrapping time) and move on to the next project. The mountain of supplies keeps getting bigger and bigger and then it is just not pretty at all.

My conclusion is that no matter how pretty the workspace is, it all ends up looking the same in the end.

I ended up reading my book and hoping that the scrapbook fairy would come and tidy up my crafting mess..........



  1. Scrapbook Fairy! LOL!!! Too funny! Dont I wish such a thing existed! I had to chuckle over how your desk looks... I struggle with this all the time!!!

  2. Well I just finished my island assembly last night so I am getting danergerously close to being finished! Then this scrapbook fairy will help you with yours! ;)

  3. a constant struggle for me too so I close the door (of my scrapbook room) until next creative idea comes along, but alas no scrapbook fairy shows up!

  4. I don't feel quite so bad now that I know someone elses 'space' looks a little like mine!! Only problem is....I take over the dining table too!

  5. OK ... what are you reading then? Eat, Love, Pray? Anne Marie