Friday, January 29, 2010

Friendzy Friday with Carolyn!

Today it was my turn to do the Friendzy Friday at Two Scrapbook Friends. I chose to show you how easy it is to make matching envelopes for your cards using the ScorPal!

Making envelopes for cards is something that we get asked about a lot. If you are making your cards in a standard size you can just use a standard white envelope. It is always nice if you can coordinate your envelope to match your card.

With the ScorPal it is really easy to make a matching envelope and liner that perfectly matches your card. All you need is a sheet of cardstock cut to measure 6 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches.

Place the cardstock vertically on your ScorPal and score the left and right side 1/2-inch in from each edge. Turn your cardstock horizontally and score at 3-inches in from the left and then at 7 1/2 inches in from the left (shown in image above). With a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the four corners as shown in the photo. Cut directly along the score line (shown in image below).

Round the top and bottom corners with a corner rounder (optional). Fold in the two 1/2 inch side panels. With your scissors, angle the top edges to allow the top panel to fold down. Fold the bottom (the wider edge) up, overlapping the two side flaps. Adhere.

To make the liner, cut your pattern paper to measure 3 x 5 1/2 inches. With a pencil, mark your paper where you want it to fold. Using the ScorPal, line up your pencil marks and score. Adhere this piece to the top flap of your envelope along the top only. This allows it to be flexible when opening and closing.

As you can see, creating an envelope to match your card makes a great presentation.