Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Matt!

Today my youngest son turned 13! I can't believe how the time has flown by. When we moved into our house he was only 2 years old. I went back through some photos and found this one from September 2004, on his first day of school.

Five years later, here is his photo on his first day of school! He has changed so much, but deep down he is still the same little boy. He would kill me if he knew I said that (luckily he doesn't read my blog).

I wish him many more birthday's full of happiness. It was a quiet celebration for us tonight. He will be having a party on Thursday with his friends at the Paintball Arena. Obviously I have changed over the last 5 years too. Back then I would never thought I would be putting him in camouflage and giving him a gun to shoot his friends, brother and sister. He tells me it will be fine......and to just think of the photos.

Happy Birthday Matt!


  1. Happy Birthday Matt!!
    Have a great time paintballing.
    Good thing we have pictures to remember when kids were small!

  2. Happy Birthday to you Matt! 13 - it is hard to believe! You are still as cute as ever. Have a fun time 'shooting' your friends!