Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Paparazzi!

During the last couple of weeks of the summer we tried to cram in all the activities that we didn't get to, and one of them was going to Canada's Wonderland!

We haven't been for a couple of years so the kids were really excited to check it out. Amanda and Jason each brought a friend (David and Jake) and Matt and I were park buddies (because we don't really like rides). It turns out that Jake doesn't really like rides either.

I do like going on The Fly! It is a roller coaster, but it doesn't have any really big hills or loops. Amanda wanted to go on it too. Both Jake and Matt decided they would join us. Amanda and I loved the ride, but it did Jake and Matt in for the day.

Feeling sorry for Amanda, I went on a few other rides with her, but they were relatively calm. While we were waiting in line for one, we were spotted by one of my customers from the store. She was there with some friends and her 2 children. We chatted while we were in line and they snapped a couple of photos which she recently sent me.

A little further up in the line we were spotted again, by another customer from my store! She also took a couple of photos of us (which she promised to send me.....I will have to email and remind her). Amanda said to me that it is like we are movie stars and we need a disguise to go out in public. It seems that everywhere we go, no matter how far away it is, we are spotted by people we know!

I personally love that I have friends, no matter where I am. Amanda is warming up to the idea. I often tell her that I have spy's everywhere, and I think she really believes me!

Thanks to Lynne for taking these photos of Amanda and I. We will be sure to add them to our collection.


  1. I truly know the glad you had the chance to have some time with your family....

  2. have awesome!

  3. I am sure it was a fun day! I know what you mean about having friends everywhere - I ran into one of our customers on an elevator in Ottawa last summer! Too funny!