Sunday, August 9, 2009

Interesting Weekend!

Have you ever had one of those weekends where nothing goes as planned? I just did. Here is how it went.

I had the weekend off.......yippee! We received free tickets to attend the drag races in Grand Bend. We were even lucky enough to get extra tickets so that the boys could each bring a friend along. Believe it our not, I have always want to go to the drag races (is that weird?). Turns out, the boys were not really interested in going, so Monty and I decided to have a 'date' and go ourselves. The weather forecast was not the greatest, but we thought we would chance it and head out anyways. We didn't even make it out of the city when it started to rain. We drove for a bit, neither one of us saying anything to each other, but thinking we should turn back. Eventually I spoke up and we made our way back home. The tickets were good for the whole weekend, but Sunday we planned on going out on the boat.

On Saturday evening Monty and I decided to go to the movies (something we never do). We decided on a show, which turned out to be the same movie that Amanda and Jake (her boyfriend) were going to see. We promised to sit on the other side of the theater and pretend we didn't know them. They left a bit before us to get gas in Jake's van.

Monty and I were waiting in line to buy our tickets when we received a phone call from Amanda that they had been in a car accident. My heart skipped many beats and I am not sure how we got to the accident scene. When we arrived the 911 call had already been made and there were fragments of car parts all over the road. The van that Jake was driving had been t-boned and the passenger side was hit very hard. Jake was fine (but very shook up) and Amanda seemed a little confused and complaining about head, neck, shoulder and arm pain. I settled down a bit once I could see that everyone was going to be fine. She was taken by ambulance to Grand River Hospital where we spent the remainder of the night.

While we were there, victims from another bad accident had been brought in. Their injuries were much more serious than Amanda's. It was also a minivan that had been hit....with 4 young children and 2 adults. They were part of a wedding. Before too long then entire wedding party including the bride, groom and parents were there too. My heart went out to them. The bride was still in her dress and the little boys in their tuxes. Some of the injuries were very serious. Although we were not involved, nor did we know any of them, I felt their pain and stress. It was traumatic for Amanda too, as she could not really see what was going on (due to the fact that she was strapped to a board with a neck brace on and couldn't move anything but her eyes) but she could hear everything.

This made our wait very long. Amanda was on the back board for about 4 hours. She was not handling this very well and I had to coach her through many panic attacks until the doctor could be sure there was no real damage to her neck and back. Eventually x-rays were ordered and around 4:30am we headed home to get some rest.

Today she is very stiff and sore. There is swelling in her elbow and she is moving very slowly. She looks much like the girl in this image. Thankfully they are both ok. The van did not fare so well.

We are hoping for a more normal weekend next week without any surprises.


  1. Thank goodness that Amanda and Jake weren't seriously hurt. My heart goes out to you and Amanda for what you had to go through -- as well as the victims of the other accident. It is so scary having a loved one in an accident and having to wait for hours to know if everything is okay.

  2. Oh my Carolyn~ :(
    Glad to hear everone is okay!

  3. Oh my goodness Carolyn. I am so glad Amanda and Jake are okay, and I hope that Amanda heals quickly!

  4. Oh my goodness... I'm so sorry to read about the kids' accident! I'm so glad to hear they're doing okay and it wasn't too serious (relatively speaking), but hopefully they'll be feeling better soon. Chris and Alex were hit a few weeks ago - thankfully mild, but Chris was suprised how sore he was for days afterwards, so hopefully Amanda and Jake can rest up.

  5. Such a scary phone call to receive. I'm glad they are both ok.

  6. Wow Carolyn!Uh - just interesting?
    God did not want you and Monty away for the weekend, did He? Thank goodness you were around on Saturday to help Amanda through.
    Thankfully, she was not seriously injured,and hoping some rest heals the bruises and helps her feel like her old self again.

  7. OMG!!! I'm glad everyone is ok! wow, that must have been very scary for you.

  8. Im so glad they are both ok...they looked like they were both in good spirits yesterday when they came into the store:) continued prayers for Amanda and Jake...for protection when they are driving...

  9. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes. Both Amanda and Jake have been reading the comments. They are doing ok. Amanda is going to need some help with her neck and shoulder, but I think that each day is a bit better.


  10. thanks everyone:)

    Amanda Wolff(:

  11. I am just so glad that it wasn't more serious than it was and that Amanda and Jake are both doing well! That must have been such a scary thing to go through!

  12. Hugs to you Amanda and Jake too, so glad you are ok other then being stiff and sore for a while. I am sure it was a scary situation for you to go through. Rest up and get well! I am sure your mom needs a hug too...hugs to you Carolyn too.!