Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fender Bender!

Last night we had the opportunity to go and see Jake's van at the garage where it was towed. I just had to get some photos for Amanda's scrapbook. I know it is not really something that she wants to remember, but after everything has healed, she will be glad we have the photos to tell the story!

You will notice that all the impact was on Amanda's door. She now understands why she is so stiff and sore!

At first she said she didn't want any photos with her and the van. After we were there for a bit she decided she would take a few. She said to me that she was not going to smile....because she didn't feel happy about it.

Jake, on the other hand, is starting to feel better about things. He is feeling less guilty and they are both starting to laugh about it. We are all just very thankful that other than some minor bumps and bruises, everyone is going to be fine.

Just a little update......the family that was brought in from the other accident is not as fortunate. We found out last night that the 18 month old girl died from her injuries and there is a 10 year old that is now in Hamilton hospital with serious injuries from this same crash. This makes me so sad. I can't imagine the pain they are feeling. My heart goes out to this family.


  1. Thank goodness that Amanda wasn't more seriously injured. That looks nasty enough.
    My heart breaks for that other family. How tragic. I can't even begin to imagine the pain they are going through. They are in my prayers.

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  3. Wow- that was certainly a lot you guys went through. Having your kids in trouble is an awful feeling- you just feel helpless. I am glad to hear that Amanda and jake are ok.