Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

I love spring! It is the season that everything is new again. The snow melts and we look forward to warmer days.

Every year we have birds nesting around our house. The last couple of years we have been the hosts to a few families of chickadees and this year we are hosting 2 families of robins.

I love having the birds around. We have many feeders in various places. Our kitten runs from window to window to observe their every move.

We have 2 large mulberry trees on opposite sides of our front yard. There are nests in both of them. We have noticed that the mother is leaving the next quite frequently so we figured that the eggs must have hatched. I know from other years, that the babies do not stay in the nest for very long, so I had to get out there and see if I could get a photo or two.

Our mulberries are about 9 years old, so they are very thick with branches. It was very hard to get my camera close enough to take a good photo. There are 3 babies in this nest and 3 in the other one.

As you can imagine, the mom & dad were not happy about me standing on a ladder with my camera shoved into the tree! They were sitting on the rooftop next to our house. I was a little nervous, but they didn't dive at me.


  1. We've had several nests as well around our house, lots of robins. I was not as lucky as you though as the birds dove at me a few times. Might be because I was sticking a camera in their nests as well!!

  2. The robins really don't like it when you stick cameras in their nests. Soon they will start eating the berries from the trees and then they bomb our house with poop!

  3. Too sweet! We had a couple of nests built in our trees, but no babies. Great photos!