Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Actually it was a very busy week! I haven't done that much scrapbooking....ever. It was fabulous. I tried to participate in as many challenges as I could. In all, I did 24 of the challenges. Here is a summary.....

Monday Challenges:
My Before & After Organizing Challenge
Karan's Product Challenge - Handsome Bunch
Laura's Orange Challenge - Handsome Bunch
Patti's Numbers Challenge - Handsome Bunch
Cheryl's Oh Canada Challenge - Mmmm Syrup

Tuesday Challenges
My Circle Challenge - Bloom
Patti's Stitching Challenge - Bloom
Laura's Sketch for the Card Challenge - Mom Card
Karan's Sketch Challenge - MVP

Wednesday's Challenges
Joanne's Spring Bling Challenge - Flower Pots
Laura's Sketch Challenge - Time Flies

Thursday's Challenges
Joanne's Pinwheel Challenge - Life is Good
Cheryl's What You Love Challenge - MVP
Karen's Clock Challenge - Time Flies

Friday's Challenges
Laura's Glitter Challenge - Mom Card
Karan's Chipboard Challenge - Life is Good
My Favourite Colour Challenge - Life is Good
Patti's Stars, Circles, Rings Challenge - MVP
Cheryl's No Pattern Paper Challenge - Flower Pots

Saturday's Challenges
Karan's Distress Challenge - Bloom
Patti's Metal Challenge - Flower Pots
Cheryl's Lots of Photos Challenge - Mmmm Syrup
Karan's Scraplift From The Gallery Challenge - Mmmm Syrup
Patti's Use Your Stash Challenge - Time Flies

And here are images of all my creations (some are repeats, but I love them so much, who cares!):

The World Blooms When You Smile! This is my niece, Payton. I spent the day with her on Thursday and we went to see the Hannah Montana movie.

Life is Good! This is the layout that I used to demonstrate how to make pinwheels on our store blog. My daughter, Amanda, was trying to decide which sunflower we should buy for our garden.

Handsome Bunch! This is a photo of us last summer. We took a couple of days and went to explore the area that we had rented a cottage later that year. Family time is so special, especially as the kids get older.

MVP! This is a hockey layout I created for a photo from Jason's last tournament of 2009. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments in hockey.

Mom Card! I have a couple of mom's that deserve a card this coming weekend. I was happy to get one done in advance.

Flower Pots! Aren't these adorable? I love them. We gave them away at our NSD crops on the weekend.

Before & After Photos! These were for my organizing challenge. It is so much easier to find things now.

Mmmm... Syrup! I scraplifted this layout from Cheryl (on our design team). As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to add it to my album.

Time Flies! This is a photo my sister gave to me. Every Thanksgiving we go for a family walk in the woods near her house. Monty's knee does not allow him to join us on the walk, so it is just me and the kids. Wow, how time flies. I remember when they were all little.

Hopefully you had a chance to participate in some of the challenges on our forum. If not, you should try it is really fun and motivating. I didn't get them all done, but I am going to work on finishing them up this week.


  1. way to go Carolyn....i dont think i got near that much done, but im glad with the ones i did complete..

  2. Holy moly....that is alot of crafting...(and soooo gorgeous too)...lucky you!!