Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.....

I had the opportunity to visit my friend Sue again. She owns Moonstone Kennel and she is a very good friend of mine. It is always great to visit with her and visit with her puppies. She has quite a few litters and we were able to meet and greet lots of them. Most of these were sold, but there were still a few available.

Amanda has always wanted to have a dog, so this is a great way for her to get her puppy fix. She just loves visiting them. They seem to really love her too!

It is just a sea of puppies.....running, jumping, playing, sleeping! You just don't know what to look at first. Some are fat, some not so fat. Some are dark and some are light. They are all cute! I don't know how people pick which one they want.

The puppies love to play with each other. They wrestle each other and bite each others tails. It is all fun until one puppy yelps!

We spent a lot of time tying up our shoes. The puppies would find our shoe laces and tug until they were undone.

How sweet is her face. This is one of my favourite photos from the day. I love the expression on her face and how her face is in focus, but the grass is not. This was not expert photography, just luck.

Amanda brought her friend along and he was having a great time with the puppies. It looks like they are having a great conversation and the puppy is smiling! I love it.

This time I made sure that Amanda took a couple of photos of me. I never seem to make it in the photos with the puppies.

Matt joined us for the puppy visit too. It always amazes me how gentle my rough and tough boys are around these dogs. It is nice to see.

Ok, here is another favourite of mine. I took this photo of Matt holding one of the puppies and you can see one of his back paws! How cute is that.....another lucky shot!

Here is Amanda with her favourite puppy. It is moments like this that I wish we had got a dog for her.

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Sue for letting us visit again. She was very busy with appointments but it was nice to see her, even for a short time. We will have to come on a day where she will have more time to chat.


  1. You really need to get Amanda a puppy!!

    Great pics. What a fun way to spend an afternoon.

  2. OMG the cuteness is KILLING ME!!!!!

  3. Oh my they are so sweet aren't they....great shots too. Sorry I didn't have as much time to spend with you but I am glad your kids could enjoy that experience, come and do that again my friend!!

  4. beautiful puppies arent they, love the photos you were able to capture...

  5. They are soooo adorable! I will have to make it out to Sue's sometime as well!