Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie Night!

Tonight was movie night and we went to see Letters to Juliet! This movie is about 'Sofie' and she visits Verona with her soon-to-be husband . She spent a lot of time alone while he was off meeting with suppliers for the new restaurant that he was going to open in New York!

She is a 'fact finder', but her real passion is to write. While her fiance was off tasting wine and cheese, she visited the house that supposedly Shakespeare's Juliet lived in. Below the balcony, women would come and leave notes to Juliet....for advice.....like a Dear Abby type thing. The letters were gathered up each day and a small group of ladies that called themselves 'Juliet's secretaries' would answer these letters.

Sophie found a letter that had been hidden behind a brick for 50 years. The letter was from a sweet lady named Claire who had met a boy and fallen in love, but she let this love slip away and was looking for advice. Sophie answered the letter and then Claire arrived about a week later with her grandson, Charlie, to see if she could fine her lost love.......Lorenzo Bartolinis!

Sophie met Claire and tagged along on the journey to fine Lorenzo. As you might suspect, she realized that her relationship with her fiance was not going to work and she found herself falling in love with Charlie.

This movie makes you laugh out loud, touches your heart and makes you reflect on the 'Lorenzo Bartolinis' in your life. It is a beautiful, romantic movie and I give it a 9 out of 10!



  1. Excellent movie! Good job on being a critic.You could work for the Record in your spare time.

  2. That is really funny- I went with my movie group to see the same movie last night. I hated it but some of them liked it. I guess I am just way to ground in reality to be swept away : (

  3. Sounds like a good movie! I keep seeing previews for it and think I should check it out!

  4. I love your movie summaries! Let's me know whether I should bother to see it or not.