Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Wonder What He Is Thinking.....January 24th!

Today we went to Venice Beach and we had the pleasure of watching some very talented graffiti artists create their magic with spray paint.

Jason stood against this palm tree for about 35 minutes watching them. I wonder what he was thinking. He didn't say too much while he was watching, but when we were in the car he said that was the coolest place he had ever been.

It was very cool!


  1. they even painted the tree...we had the chance to see some spray paint artists in Florida a few years back, it is very cool to watch!

    He looks deep in thought..

  2. It is awesome that he is getting lots of one on one time with you during your trip to CHA!

    It is even more amazing to see something so cool and interesting to him along the way:)