Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Am So Proud.....January 12th!

Today was a big day for Amanda. She did her driving test for her G2. She was so nervous. I have to admit, I was too.

She passed with flying colours. So now, she can drive in the car by herself.

I have entered another new phase of parenting. Does it ever end?

Congratulations Amanda!


  1. thats great news but really scary- my son is a year away from getting his license....eeek

  2. Oh Boy Amanda, Congratulation's!!! I am proud of you, you must have had a great go girl... but be careful, it is snowy you can pick up groceries for mom and not have her tag along anymore :)

    Carolyn..........she will be fine, trust me.....been there done that at least a few times. It is always hard to let go of the first one, it gets easier.


  3. way to go Amanda....congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations Amanda! Now Spencer thinks you will be driving him around! Just always be careful - we love you too much to have anything happen to you!!