Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Weekend Away....

was so much fun. I am not going to post photos of the retreat because you can see them on the blog and on the photo gallery (soon). Before all the craziness of the retreat started, Joanne, Amanda and I went down to the beach to see if there was a sunset. I can't say that I have ever been to a beach in November. It was a perfect day. The water was so still and the sun was setting behind some far away clouds. It wasn't the same as it is in the summer, but still beautiful.

Amanda always writes her name in the sand. It didn't matter that it was the beginning of November and that we were the only people to be seen. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of her!

Here is the photo of the sunset. There is a small lighthouse off in the distance and the water was barely moving.

This is a shot in the opposite direction. The sun was reflecting off the sand and the dunes. If you closed your eyes, you wouldn't know that it was November.....

This is me trying to be a photographer. Not too bad eh!

The leaves on the trees all turn colour in the fall, even on the beach!


  1. Those pics are definately worth scrapbooking sometime when you not too busy :)
    Don't forget to take time for yourself! A walk on the beach is always beautiful even in November.

  2. you got some gorgeous shots there, well worth scrapping...

  3. Beautiful pictures, Carolyn. I loved standing there and looking out over the water this weekend, even if I couldn't go swimming!


  4. beautiful pics, i see some layouts coming our way soon