Sunday, November 30, 2008

Childhood Memories!

Ok, so I was surfing to the internet tonight, just visiting all my favourite blogs, websites and forums. I came across this image and it reminded me of my youth.

When I was little I loved it when it snowed outside and we would be all cozy inside watching Christmas shows/movies on TV. Tonight we are sitting here, all cozy inside with the Christmas lights on and it is snowing like crazy outside.....guess what we are watching? Yes, we just finished watching some family Christmas movie. I just love it.

So this got me thinking about all the favourite shows I used to watch when I was a kid. Year after year I tuned in to watch Roudolph. We would have our bath and be in our jammies with a snack so we could tune in at 8pm to watch Roudolph fly Santa's sleigh in the fog to deliver presents all over the world.

Immediately following Roudolph was Frosty the Snowman. I remember sobbing at the end of this show when Frosty melted into just a puddle of water. As I matured I wasn't quite as dramatic and managed to get through this 1/2 hour classic without shedding tears.

The Grinch was another one of my favourites. I always loved how little Cindy Lou Who got the Grinch to see the magic of Christmas.

Once I was all grown up and had a family of my own, the traditions continued. My 3 kids also love these three classics. I loved sitting with them, watching these shows year after year.

Now that they are a little older, we tune in to watch different Christmas classics. Amanda seems to be the one that enjoys this the most (like mother, like daughter). Home Alone is one of our favourites. She also loves to watch the Hallmark channel because they seem to have some really good family shows. We watched one the other night where a family had lost the spirit of Christmas and Santa's daughter, Christine, made it her mission to show it to them again. It was kind of corny, but cute.

My favourite year was when they released the 'real life' version of The Grinch. On December 23rd we packed up the family and headed off to the movies to watch it on the big screen. I thought it was amazing. My youngest son Matt, who was about 3 or 4 at the time, was terrified of the Grinch and ended up sitting on my knee for half of the movie. It was still a fun filled night and we are happy to say that we own the DVD and watch it every year.

The final one I want to share is The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen. I really love this one. Tim Allen is the father to this adorable little boy and he actually turns into Santa. It is just a very heartwarming story with a bit of humor too.

Hopefully you have some family favourites that you like to watch year after year. I thank the person who posted the cute little reindeer icon on the forum and allowed me this trip down memory lane. It was fun to share it with everyone. I think I will go and surf the channels on the TV to see what is on.


  1. A trip down memory lane gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. Oh so wonderful! I am happy you have those great happy family memories, they are the best aren't they!
    Your fav's are all my fav's too. I also love to watch "A Miracle on 34th Street, I love that classic!!

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas with your family as you create family memories for them, they are only young once and for a short time!

  2. those are all some of my favorites to watch at holiday time, i also like scrooged and miracle on 34th street, and its a wonderful life...those are a few i seem to watch over and over...

    wishing you happy movie memories this year friend..