Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry & Bright Spinner Card

Good Morning!!!  I am super excited to share a card that I made for Christmas.  I have a few people on my list that I will be giving cards to, and I wanted something special.

I decided that I would try and make a 'spinner' card.  It is an interactive card where my penguin 'tumbles' across the front of my card.....through the snow.  Fun, huh?

I made a quick little video so that you can see it in action (I am no professional at this.....and I was holding the card in one hand and trying to record with my other please be kind)!

Isn't that adorable?  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I used my Silhouette to cut out the penguin. There are so many possibilities that I think I am going to make some more using different icons.  

We are going to be running this as a Make 'n Take at Two Scrapbook Friends this Friday, December 20th and Saturday, December 21st.  Check out the store blog later today for all the details.


  1. WOOOO!!! I love it! So cute! FAB!!!

  2. So you managed to pick your head up from your counter and make something - yay you! 'Course now my tummy is feeling a bit ill from watching that shaky video.

    If you wanted "kind" you shouldn't have let me follow your blog.

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha You know I'm totally teasing, of course. I love your super sweet penguin. It's an awesome card!

  3. OK! This is seriously adorable! I bet everyone loved these!!!