Monday, September 12, 2011

A Special Gift

After an evening out with my hubby I came home to a wonderful surprise. On our kitchen table was a card and a case of beer for I wasn't very excited about the beer, but I have to tell you that hubby was.

I opened the card, which immediately reminded me of our stay at the cottage this past summer.

Thank You - Graham

Inside was this message.........

Thank You - Graham 2

Graham is Matt's friend and he has come to the cottage with us 3 times now. He is a wonderful 15 year old that keeps us very entertained. Our trip would not be the same without him.

After reading the card, Matt told me that Graham had emailed me something. I checked my email and look what I found........a gift card for

Amazon Gift Card

The gesture itself is very kind but there is more too it. When I was at the cottage I spent quite a bit of time reading. He obviously noticed that. I was reading actual books. Somehow he picked up on the fact that I have a Kindle (I didn't actually bring it to the cottage so I am unsure how he knew) and he bought me this gift card so I could buy some new books and download them onto my reader. When I called his house to thank him, I spoke to his dad. He said that this was all Grahams idea.

I have always known that I have 3 great teenage kids. It is so refreshing to know that they surround themselves with other awesome kids. I hope that Graham will continue to join us on our holiday every year. He to has given me many, many memories that I will cherish forever.



  1. what an awesome, thoughtful kid!!

  2. That is so great!
    So very thoughtful and very sweet.

  3. Okay, brought tears to my eyes ... very special!

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful boy he is.

  5. So sweet! And Lori, thank you for confessing it brought tears to your eyes as that happened to me too!

  6. Ah this is so sweet! He is going to make an amazing husband and dad someday!

  7. It just goes to show that some teenagers have been taught to appreciate things and to remember to say thank you! What a wonderful young man!