Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stitching Week - Machine Stitching

I am not a big 'machine' stitching person, but I have pulled it out from time to time. On Thursday, Allison's stitching feature was all about machine stitching.

I was looking back through my pages and I came across this layout that I did for my very first appearance as a guest designer on her blog. I was really nervous and wanted to make a good impression, so I pulled out my sewing machine and stitched a border around my pattern paper.

Cool Dude

I used a contrasting thread colour so that it would show up against the light background.

Cool Dude 2

I was really easy to do, just like sewing fabric, only it is paper.

Cool Dude 3

Another layout that I found was for an article for Scrap Street (an online magazine). I used my sewing machine to sew each of the patterned squares for the background.


This is one of my favourite layouts and I am really happy with the way that the machine stitching turned out.

Autumn 2

If you have a sewing machine, I recommend you try sewing on your pages. Be sure to pop over to the Sketch Support site and see what the other members of the creative team have done with their machines.



  1. I am lovin' the background you made on the Dude it the paper or did you make fringe around the edge?
    Love 'em.

  2. Hi Joy! Thanks. It is the background paper, but I cut out the design.