Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilting Anyone??????

Amanda and I finally purchased materials to make a rag quilt. We have been wanting to do this for a while now, but we just couldn't seem to find the time. Here is our colour combination....

Amanda worked very hard and cut out 240 perfect squares.

Here are the fronts, backs and the insides all stacked and perfectly organized.

Then the sewing began. I am so proud of her. She has picked up all my favourite hobbies. Gotta love it!

Now she is ready to lay them all out and decide on their placement. It is like a puzzle.

You can sort of see where we are heading here.

She has been at it since 10am this morning. Things are looking really good. I will post photos when she is all done.



  1. Gorgeous!! I have been wanting to take a quilting class - was just waiting for the fabric store in Kitchener to complete their move.

  2. Looking the fabric's you've chosen.

  3. It is going to be beautiful!
    Joanne xo

  4. Wow it looks amazing! Can't wait to see it finished!

  5. cool! can not wait to see the finished product!!!

  6. LOVE the colours!! If you ever make another one, try flannel too - they are soooo cozy to snuggle under and super soft! :) Can't wait to see the finished project!

  7. It is going to be great! Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  8. beautiful colours...can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  9. such a talented daughter you have!