Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Scrap Space

I was on our forum yesterday and I noticed that someone had started a thread about our scrap spaces. I really enjoyed looking through all the different posts and decided that it was time for me to post some photos of my space!

I need a space that is all about function. I don't have loads of money to spend on all sorts of fancy decor pieces. I totally love the area that I have created! It is located on the main floor of our home. We have an office off the kitchen and I share this space with my hubby. It works out great when he is working with his computer stuff, I can play with my toys too. My kids always know where I am and I can even prepare meals while I play (this usually doesn't end well, as I usually forget the meal part and end up burning something).

This is Cooper. He is usually in my room with me. He climbs up to the tallest shelf in the room and plunks himself down.

This is a tower that holds 12 of these fabulous drawers. I have them labeled and when I need something I pull the entire drawer out and rummage through.

Here is where I keep my stamps, blocks, mounting foam, photos, floss, etc.

My clip it up is packed with left over things from sticker sheets, chipboard pieces and odds and ends.

I recently made a space for my sewing machine. I found I wasn't using it because it was not accessible. I need to make a cover for it. For now I use an old pillowcase from when I was a kid. It does the job, but not so pretty!

My Cricut machine has a special spot so that if I need it, all I do it turn it on and we are in business.

This is another wonderful cabinet with 6 bins filled with various items.

My Copics, pencils, and my Cuttlebug.

My laptop is right by my side. I listen to music, chat with friends, visit forums and my favourite blogs.

Here is my workspace.......it never looks this neat.

Here is another angle......oh, see my sweet treats?

Meet Maya! She wanders in and out of my room as well. Sometimes she climbs up on the hutch next to my small Cricut and falls asleep!

Right next to me I have 9 little drawers that hold my ribbon, inks, mists, adhesive etc!

This is where I store my paper scraps. On the left is all cardstock and the bin that is opposite it holds the pattern paper. They are labeled by colour families.

This bin holds my Cricut stuff, punches and Cuttlebug stuff.

That is my tour! Like I said, nothing too fancy but very functional. I just spent a bunch of time tidying up and it is ready for me to start creating again.



  1. I always like to see how others organize their scrap stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks absolutely perfect... not sure what it is about cricut's and cats... mine likes to come around and check it out when it is running! Trys to plop down on the back side of the machine until the mat hits him! It freaks him out!

  3. Great space! Thanks for letting us see it. But what I want to know is ... where is Monty's part of the "sharing" of the room? (hahaha) Funny how we just take right over! Men need so little space anyway!

  4. Eeek, I love nosing around in others scrap rooms! It looks amazing! I love all the labeling girl, it makes me happy! I need to photograph mine!

  5. love your IKEA shelves...the tall one and the one with the 6 little bins are in my girls rooms for toys and clothes!

  6. Great tour Carolyn! Thanks for sharing. I love the tilted round bins right on your desk, so handy!

  7. Wow - looks amazing. I love the way you've organized things and set it all up. Also love the cats! I usually have at least one cat with me and my dog lying under the table - it's great to have company! Thanks so much for sharing.