Monday, June 28, 2010

Matt's Grade 8 Graduation

On Wednesday, Matt graduated from Grade 8. He is the last of our 3 children to attend Margaret Ave, and now they have all moved forward to high school.

I know you won't be surprised to hear this.....I did get a few photos. Thankfully, Matt was very cooperative. I think he knew how much the photos would mean to me, so he did his very best to humor me.

Here is Matt and I in our front yard.

Matt had a date for the dance after the actual ceremony. Her name is Reanne! I have heard her name a lot throughout his grade 8 year, but I had never met her. We were invited over before the graduation for photos.

There were other mother's there with cameras, so I just started snapping photos.

This is Matt and Reanne (she is so cute)! Notice the tie matches the dress? Matt came home with the shall from her dress and said that we had to get a tie to match. So cute!
Jay came along and he took a photo of Matt and I together.

I convinced Jay to get his photo taken with his brother. Don't you love how he dressed up for the occasion?

This is a very special photo. This is Rachael. She has been friends with Matt since we moved on the street (he was only 2 years old). I have a photo of them sitting on the curb in front of my house when they started JK. I have a photo of them walking to the bus stop on the first day of grade 7, and now I have this photo of them graduating grade 8. She calls on him every morning for school. I hope they remain friends forever!

Here are all three of my children. It seems like yesterday that they were in diapers.

Here are some proud grandparents. This is Monty's mom and dad. My parents were away and could not attend. I am sure they will enjoy these photos.

Not only has Matt graduated grade 8, he is now taller than his dad!

And here we big happy family! At the end of the day, it is all that matters.

Congratulations Matt! We are so proud of you. Love Mom & Dad, Amanda & Jason!



  1. Such great photos! Looks like the day was enjoyed by all! Cograts!

  2. Great shots Carolyn! You guys are one lovely family!

  3. Nice pictures. Sorry we couldn't be there. Matt sure is a handsome youg man.

  4. Congrats to Matt! He looks so handsome!

  5. Couldn't tell but I assume that Monty had on his "dress shorts"

  6. great pictures! congrats to matt!