Thursday, April 8, 2010

It Was A Nail Biter!

As most of you know, I am a die hard hockey fan. My son Jason, is my#1 super star, but right behind him are MY BOYS, the Kitchener Rangers.

My hubby and I spend most Friday nights at the Kitchener Auditorium watching our team play. It is our 'date night'. I wouldn't want him to take me anywhere else.

The Rangers are in playoff's right now, in the second round. It is a seven game series against our biggest rivals......the London Knights. After last night, the series is tied 2-2! We are the underdogs and our win was not a pretty one, but we did come out on top. The 5th game is being played in London tonight (oh how I wish I could go) and I will be glued to my TV! The Rangers have lost 9 straight games in the London arena, but I have my fingers crossed. They will return to home ice on Saturday night but I won't be able to attend. Jason has a hockey tournament in St. Catherine's, but I will be watching from there.

It has been a wonderful year of ups and downs for The Rangers, and no matter how this ends, I will still be one of their biggest fans.




  1. You did such a wonderful job of expressing last nights game! I think that goes down in my books as one of the most exciting Ranger Games I have seen this year... we really held it together last night to pull off that win! I must reitterate your statement GO RANGERS GO!!!!!

  2. I was there Friday and last night- I will be there on Saturday to cheer for you! We can do it!!!

  3. I could tell it was a good game by the cloud you floated in on this morning!
    Go Rangers :)

  4. As you know I am not a hockey fan, but for you, my friend, I will be cheering for the Rangers all the way!