Monday, June 15, 2009

I love to organize!

On the weekend I was browsing our forum and I came across a thread that was asking this:

I have a little basket that sits on a three tier cart near my table with the tools I always reach for ~ my Crop a dile, my date stamp, fiskars punches etc.

Anyone else have one of these 'happy go lucky' baskets nearby your table for easy access?

Well Shelby posted a photo of her set-up. I immediately zoomed in on the little clear tubs in the lower right corner of her photo. She got them at Ikea. That is all she had to say......the next day I jumped in my car and off we went to get some!

Amanda came with me and the first thing we did when we arrived was went right upstairs to the restaurant. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then we did the walk through the entire store. I love visiting Ikea. Each little room holds so many interesting things.

Eventually we got down to business and located the items we came for.

Just a few hours later I had my hubby install them for me and I filled them up with all the items that I reach for every time I scrapbook. I even started creating a layout to try everything out.

I would like to thank Shelby for showing me these amazing little bins. I spent a total of $15.71 for the hardware and 8 of the bins (this doesn't include the $25 in gas or the $15 for lunch). They are my new favourite thing in my scrapbook space.

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  1. Wasn't the lady that mentioned her 'little basket'..brilliant? lol!!

    Great organizing happenin', Carolyn! The mojo just starts flowin' when we have our supplies out and sorted properly, doesn't it?:)

  2. Glad you love them! I need more. I love Ikea for organizational items because they have so many and they are not very expensive.

    Looks great!