Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check This Out!

I definitely do not consider myself a 'techie' person. I can figure out basic stuff on my computer, but if it gets too tricky I usually end up getting my hubby involved.

Over the last year I have learned alot about blogging, uploading to gallery's, using Photobucket, and navigating forums. I was pretty impressed with myself......and then I found out about Google Reader!

A scrapbook friend of mine told me about this fabulous tool that is available for free! If you visit various blogs then this is the tool for you.

Until yesterday, I had all the 'favourite' places I visit bookmarked under 'my favourites'. Each time I wanted to visit them I would simply click and I would arrive at their blog. Sometimes there were new things to read, and sometimes there weren't. With Google Reader you can subscribe to your favourites. Yes, it is so easy to do. They are all listed nicely for viewing and when there is a new post, it tells you! You don't need to go to many different blogs and check, Google Reader does it for you.

The web address is

It is very simple to set up. I did a bunch of my favourites yesterday, and when I checked today I was able to visit all the blogs that had posts in about 1/2 the time. I love it!

If you need some help setting it up, there are tutorials available on utube. I really encourage you try it out. You will love it too.

A BIG HUG to my scrapbook friend that passed this along to me! Her blog was one of the first ones that I subscribed to......and there was a post waiting for me this morning.


  1. Ok I set it up- thanks for the info!

  2. It is a fantastic system... did you know you can actually creat folders! So like you could have a folder called DT Blogs, Friends Blog, Family Blogs, Favorites, Misc... sorry I got carried away there, I am a virgo! lol

  3. I use Google reader too! But didn't know about the folders! Will try that out!