Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Very Busy Bee........

This morning while eating breakfast, I was just surfing around on the computer. I came across a blog (no one I know) and on the side bar was a list of places this person often visited. I didn't recognize anyone's name, but I did notice my name. I thought.....hmmm not too many people have the same name as me.....I wonder who this is. So I clicked on the link and up came my blog. I was shocked.

I realized that this poor person has probably been going to my blog and there is nothing to read. I feel like this poor woman in the image I uploaded. I am trying to juggle so many different things. By the end of the day there is just nothing left in me to post to my blog. Besides, what would I post about......how busy I have been, how many boxes I unpacked, how much I hate accounting, what we had for dinner, how many loads of laundry I did, how many episodes of Lost I watched......seems pretty boring.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I feel so blessed to have everything that I do. Sometimes I read other peoples blogs and wonder how they find the time to do everything they do......how their life seems so balanced. It must be an act. It just doesn't see possible.

It is 8:50 am. I am still in my jammies. In the next hour I have to shower, make my lunch, clean up the mess in the kitchen from breakfast and me making dinner for tonight, feed the cat, load all my junk into the car and be at the store by 10am! I guess I better get my but in gear.

Who knows when my next post will be. I am sorry to the people who keep checking my blog and there is nothing to read. Don't give up on me.....I will get it together sooner or later.

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  1. Yes you are a very busy bee, don't worry April will be over before you know it. Maybe life will seem a little more normal then, whatever normal is anyways. Just take one day at a time, you can not live more then that anyways, you will get through and you will survive :)
    Hang in there!!