Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loving My Six Teenage Kids!

As soon as Monty and I decided we were going to start a family, I worried about the teenage years. That might seem weird, but that is the way my mind works. It wasn't the diapers and sleepless nights, it was the thought of having 3 teenagers in my house all at the same time!

That time came sooner than I expected, but the road was nothing like I had predicted. Who knew that my kids would teach me how to text and that our family would have over 35000 texts in one month between our 5 cell phones? Who knew that I would love their friends as much as I love my own children? Who knew that I would jump on a wake board at age 40 and tube and knee board too?

We just returned from a week of camping with 6 teenagers and it was amazing. Most people shake their heads and wonder why we would even think of taking 6 teenagers anywhere and call it a holiday! I say.......they are missing out on something wonderful!

The above photo is my favourite from our holiday at Six Mile Lake! Amanda and Chloe are missing because they were off doing something with my hubby. We spent about an hour or so at this lock and as we were leaving, both of my sons told me 'thanks for taking us here far it was the best part of the trip'!

If they only knew how much I enjoy their company......all 6 of them. I hope some day that they have the same experience with their own family!



  1. Thank you Carolyn - it is so rare these days that parents speak well of their teenagers. Keep praising yours it will go a long way towards making great adults. You and Monty are amazing parents and it shows in the way you speak and act around them. I hope to one day also be surrounded by my boys and their friends. I will look to you for guidance!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time Carolyn! You remind me to count my blessings too!

  3. I think it's a true testament to the kind of mom you are that your teenagers WANT to spend so much time with you!! Way to go!

  4. I think you are a brave mom! (lol) It sounds like a wonderful time :)
    Joanne xo