Saturday, September 25, 2010

Body Surfing!

I am in week #3 of my course and this is the layout that I created using the sketch we were provided. I really changed up the photos and created some of my own embellishments.

The photos were taken on our holiday at Six Mile Lake! They are some awesome action shots of David (Jay's best friend, and my 'adopted' son). I really wanted the photos to make an impact on the page, so I enlarged one of the photos to a 8x10 and placed it over page 1 & 2.

David was not centered in the photo (don't should try taking photos on a boat) This actually worked out well for my layout. I was able to make David the focus on page 2, and then in the space on page 1, I added some close up shots and placed them right on top of the 8x10 photo! I sanded the edges of the photos on my layout to give them some texture and make them stand out a bit more. I used some foam adhesive to raise the small photos off the page.

I created some of my own embellishments using the chipboard stickers. A while back my hubby received a package in the mail and inside was this perfect piece of corrugated cardboard. I knew I could put it to good use! I used it to jazz up the chipboard pieces and made a tag and both of my titles!

My layout was not complete without a bit of stitching and I also added some stamping around the entire page when I was done.

If you are interested, here is the store behind the photos. David had this bright idea that he wanted to try body surfing while we were out on the boat. I thought he was crazy and never thought he would actually be able to do it. When we first took off, it appeared as though he was drowning (I knew he was safe because all he had to do was let go of the rope). All of a sudden, when we were going fast enough, he just popped up out of the water and skimmed across the top. It was amazing. I quickly snapped a bunch of photos (he was ready for the photo shoot......he was smiling in all of them).

It was an awesome day and David was so proud of his body surfing talent. He provided a ton of entertainment for us, as usual!



  1. Great pictures! who cares that one was not centred! you made it to your benefit for sure! Too cool of a story too!

  2. you better submit this!!!

    wicked awesome

  3. Fabulous - I love all the details :)

  4. Carolyn, I think the photos and the layout totally rock!