Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome Maya to our Family!

After we had to put Cadbury down, we just couldn't imagine our house without a pet. Originally we thought we would get another rabbit, but then we convinced Monty we would all like a cat. He reluctantly agreed and now we have Maya!

She is only 9 weeks old and she is very affectionate. She loves to play and be cuddled. She has really taken a liking to Monty (and whether he admits it or not, he likes her too).

Maya fills the space that Cadbury left in our hearts. We miss him terribly, but somehow having her around makes it easier. I am sure they would have been best of friends.


  1. Welcome baby Maya!!
    She is precious, Carolyn!!

  2. She is very cute- My cat loves my husband as well- its a love hate kinda thing!!

  3. cute, I'm glad you got a pet- they are great- unconditional Love!!

  4. OH she is so so cute!!! I am glad that she fits right into your family!! Enjoy!! I will bring those toys for you tomorrow!! She is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Congrat's she is the cutest kitty, I love her already, you should bring her out to play with the puppies here in the spring. That would be so cool. She will be their size by then and think of the pics you can take with them together, cute eh!!

  6. awh she is beautiful, and like Lyn said, i bet there is some Bengal in her, her markings and her ears look like they may be...

    congrats on the new family addition...

  7. MAYA IS ADORABLE!!! omg she looks like the younger version of mine! Love her!!!