Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Calendar

One of the goals I had for myself last year was to complete a calendar for myself. I have done many in the past, but always for gifts. This year I wanted to have one hanging in my house.

January came and went. Although I had the calendar completed, I hadn't stuck the pages on or hung it up. Last weekend I managed to find the time to finish it off and find a spot for it. I am so glad that I reached my goal.

I upload photos of each page for you to see. I added extra details to each of the month pages to go along with the layouts. This is one of four sets of these pages. I gave a calendar to my mom and dad, my sister and also to my in-laws. We visited my husbands family today and their calendar was proudly displayed in their family room.

After looking at these photos, I realized that I am missing the little icons for March.....a scrapbookers work is never done!


  1. Great work Carolyn, congrat's on completing your project.....feels good eh!!

  2. They look FABULOUS, Carolyn!!!

  3. Awesome Job Carolyn!! It looks great! Must feel good to reach your goal!!

  4. great job Friend...looks like you were able to complete it and i bet it sure feels good!