Friday, January 2, 2009

Project 365

I have decided to do something new this year. It is called project 365. The project is quite just take one picture every day for a year. This picture, in a sense, should tell a story about that particular day. The point of project 365 is to capture an aspect of your everyday life, everyday. It could be a photo of laundry if you did a bunch of laundry that day, a photo of the doctors office if you had an appointment that day....nothing is off limits. This project is not necessarily supposed to depict all the picture perfect moments of your day, but rather what the story of the day entailed.

I may post more than one photo each day, I may not post for a few days and then post a couple at a time. I am going to keep it flexible. I love this idea and I am going to try to stay dedicated for the whole year.

Here goes.......

January 1st!

I spent most of my day at my scrapbook desk. I was busy finishing up little projects that I had started. I was in and out of this room for most of the day. It was great because I usually don't get very much time to just sit and play.

Later in the evening when I was watching TV I pulled out the scarf that I have been working on for Amanda. It was actually her project, but she said it would look better if I did it. So on Christmas eve we ripped out all the rows that she had done and we started over. I am just about finished.


  1. both patti and i are doing a photo a day too!!

    this is exciting

  2. I too am doing this project. I think it is a fab idea - it will be so great to look back a year from now and 'see' what each day 'brought us'.